Decentralized Autonomous
Internet Infrastructure

ThreeFold is a globally-distributed grid of storage, compute, and network capacity, acting as “no middleman” Internet resources between independent capacity providers and users. Founded by Internet 1.0 Pioneers and supported by a global community.

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The ThreeFold Grid

Live and Operational

Mainnet: 3.12 | Testnet: 3.12 | Devnet 3.13


The Layer Zero for a New Digital Era

ThreeFold is a peer-to-peer autonomous infrastructure layer designed to deliver ultra secure, scalable, green, deterministic IT workload deployments close to the edge. Our unique technology provides unparalleled sovereignty, scalability and efficiency features that emerging IT workloads require, and that traditional cloud infrastructures cannot deliver.

Together We Build. Start Your Journey.

The future is about participation and working together to achieve our goals. As a decentralized movement, we encourage the community to get involved. This new Internet can only succeed if we find ways to collaborate where we together pull this Internet concept forward. Below, please find some of the ways you can join us in building a better Internet.


Deploy On Top of a Decentralized Infrastructure.

True digital sovereignty for open-source developers and system administrators. The ThreeFold Grid provides limitless possibilities, and brings a playground of industry-compatible easy-to-deploy solutions for developers.


Expand the Network. Become a Farmer.

By connecting hardware at your home or office – or anywhere you’d like – you provide Internet capacity for the people around you and earn a digital currency called TFT. We call this process farming.

About TFT, we utilize a token as a mechanism for creating and using IT (Internet) capacity, which is essential for enabling our digital lives. For us the token is not an individual product, rather a way to exchange value within the ThreeFold ecosystem.


Join the Community. Grow the Movement.

If you believe what we believe, then believe us, there is room for you in this movement. Join the community. Ask questions. Bring suggestions – this is our project. Tell a friend. Tell many friends! Together we build.