Autonomous Cloud

ThreeFold empowers anyone to become a cloud service provider – no technical expertise required – allowing people and organizations to buy, sell, and use cloud resources autonomously and securely.

Together we are creating a cloud for everyone, owned by everyone.


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Become a cloud & Internet service provider on

The ThreeFold Grid

Provide cloud and Internet capacity in your area and become a part of the largest
and most advanced decentralized autonomous cloud network in the world.

The total amount of storage (SSD, HDD, & RAM) on the grid. 1 petabyte equals roughly 1 million gigabytes.
The total number of Central Processing Unit cores (compute power) available on the grid.
The total number of nodes on the grid. A node is a computer server 100% dedicated to the network.
The total number of countries where at least one node is connected and operational.
The total number of farms on the grid. A farm is one or more nodes operated by the same entity / entities.


It starts with Nodes

3Nodes allow anyone to earn by providing compute, storage, and network capacity to the ThreeFold Cloud: pre-configured plug-and-earn nodes for beginners, or do-it-yourself nodes for builders.

Earn TFT by adding capacity to the grid.




Used For Every Transaction

Powering Our Ecosystem

TFT powers ThreeFold and the expansion of a truly decentralized infrastructure that can scale any current or future technologies to the edge.

What’s Possible With ThreeFold

Deploy On The Grid

Anything that runs on Linux can run on the ThreeFold grid

Virtual machines & gateways for easy deploying

Use our one-click solutions or build your own

Flexible advanced deployment options for experienced users

Why Decentralized Cloud

How bringing data closer to the end user is beneficial for everyone


Latency Reduction

For real-time apps, central cloud delay is prohibitive. Edge Cloud cuts latency locally.


Privacy & Security

By processing data locally, edge cloud reduces the exposure to data breaches and cyberattacks.


Data Sovereignity

Empowers emerging markets with local data storage, granting digital sovereignty and autonomy.



Provides optimized bandwidth, reliability, and real-time processing which streamlines operations.


Cost Efficiency

Minimizes data transmission over networks, cutting costs and reducing central server demand.



As devices multiply, central data centers face data overload. Edge cloud distributes processing and boosts scalability.


Utilization Partners

ThreeFold’s decentralized autonomous cloud will empower many projects and digital experiences as we grow. Here are some of the first projects to come alive.


Social Network

Earth Staking’s Social Network is the first Bitcoin Staking Layer 2 on Earth, collaborating with ThreeFold to improve security, scalability, and energy-efficiency.


Our World Free Zone

ThreeFold is working with ZICTIA, on behalf of the Zanzibar government, to create the world’s first 100% Digital Free Zone – accessible and affordable for all.



Sikana is on a mission to empower individuals with practical skills through free educational videos – local content in local languages on top of local infrastructure.

Latest News


A Sovereign Internet in Tanzania

Dunia Yetu (Our World) is a collaborative and co-owned movement to redefine the digital landscape in Tanzania.


A Cooperative Model is Coming

Cooperatives represent a well-tested form of collective organization and democratic governance.


Meeting Digital Demand at the Edge

Learn what edge computing means and what it offers compared to centralized cloud infrastructures.

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