ThreeFold Foundation

We believe in a world in which technology supports each of us, as well as the planet that sustains us.

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We dream of a world of empowered people connecting the dots and co-creating the internet and the economy of the future.

To keep up with ever increasing demand, to save our collective resources, and to make both access to the internet and participation in the global economy more inclusive for people world-wide, we need next level technologies for the new world.

ThreeFold’s open source technology enables the creation of an internet by everyone for everyone.

Join us in:

  • building a new neutral, green internet.
  • promoting a decentralized, circular economy.
  • supporting a connected and empowered global citizenry.


Data will be the gold of the new digital economy.

Increasing internet use and technologies such as self-driving cars and the Internet of Things mean data demand is growing exponentially.

The existing global economic model is reaching its limits, excluding many and diminishing finite resources.

To achieve our dream of a more empowered global community, resource-saving technology and a more inclusive economy, our vision is to:

  • Decentralize storage and compute capacity, to allow for a maximally distributed, affordable, energy-efficient grid to enable a neutral internet - by all for all.
  • Create a next generation currency, which unlike digital currencies to date, is 100% asset backed by the fastest growing commodity today - the internet, and runs on a new improved Blockchain.
  • Catalyze a community of IT developers, supporters, and responsible global citizens to share in the vision, and to support the development of further value-adding peer-to-peer technologies.

We wanted to do all this as a transparent collective, a responsible digital organization which reflects our core values - so we started the Threefold Foundation.

Together we are making our dream of a neutral, green distributed internet a reality.


The internet today is heavily centralized, owned and controlled by a few large corporations who control 80% of internet infrastructure and storage capacity. As a consequence, there is substantial inequality at a global scale. There is unequal distribution of infrastructure and storage capacity as well as issues of unequal distribution of speed and connectivity.

The need for internet capacity is growing exponentially, both the number of users around the globe and the sheer volume of connected devices. The current architecture of hyperscale datacenters is not able to cope with this demand.

The need for capacity is constantly growing. In 10 years the world will use 15 times more internet capacity.

Today most storage and compute capacity is generated by hyperscale datacenters.

Datacenters are built only in energy dense areas because they consume huge amounts of energy.

The internet today is highly centralized.

Centralized internet is inefficient, expensive and wasteful.

Consider electricity:

If consumers in Turkey had to use electricity generated in the USA, it would be expensive and inefficient, because it is generated at too remote a distance. Transmission lines would be strained, and losses and repairs would make it unsustainable. There would be multiple areas without access to electricity.

This is exactly what is happening with the internet today.

Some of the major technical problems with the internet are:

Privacy and Security

ThreeFold believes the solution to this trillion dollar problem is the migration of internet infrastructure to the «Edge», close to the users.


Our technology enables a maximally distributed grid of data and compute capacity, generated by many small nodes owned by individual farmers.

  • These nodes are self healing, without needing maintenance by IT specialists, and the grid they create consumes 10x less energy than traditional datacenters.
  • The Threefold green grid is scalable, sustainable, affordable, and allows people even in areas of the least connectivity to participate in the network.
  • The grid promotes prosperity for farmers via the ThreeFold Token (TFT), a next generation currency 100% backed by the asset of the grid’s data and compute capacity.

ThreeFold’s disruptive technology

Self healing cloud

To gain efficiency in IT infrastructure and services, we are applying a new paradigm: removing the possibility of human error in IT management by fully automating the architecting, provisioning, deployment and operation of IT infrastructure.

Best utilization of hardware

An operating system that erases multiple layers and delivers compute and storage capacity everywhere, much closer to the end user, making it cost efficient and saving energy.

And... a ThreeFold based internet is better for the planet, because it consumes a fraction of the electricity that traditional datacenters do.

And... a ThreeFold based internet is better for the planet, because it consumes a fraction of the electricity that traditional datacenters do.


  • We believe in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, neutral and accessible edge-internet, and a more inclusive, equitable economy.
  • We believe that people are people, not products, catalysts not consumers - and that together we can make the world a better place.
  • We aim to have a ThreeFold benefit in all we do: for individuals, communities and the environment.