Responsible Internet For All

Internet compute and storage capacity democratized. Open source software that creates neutral, green and private capacity by people for people. 100% decentralized.

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Democratized Internet, what does that mean?


The current internet is controlled by large corporations that see internet users as a product, sheeple. The new internet should be responsible and democratized, protecting individual privacy, neutrality, and security.


The internet should be inclusive to all of humanity. We are building a collectively owned internet that’s deployed everywhere and accessible to all, not just in datacenters or high-income countries.


The internet is currently run by a handful of large companies who benefit financially from our data - everyone should be able to enjoy a return for participating and sharing internet capacity while maintaining our data privacy.

What components do we need to realize this democratized internet?

IT Infrastructure

A grid of independently owned compute and storage nodes


Digital decentralized currency (Tokens) to free the system from restrictions of the existing (digital) currency systems


System Management bots manage the grid without human intervention


Our own blockchain secures the bots to make sure that they can safely work together

What technologies have we created to do this?


A simple and efficient operating system to build this democratized grid of capacity, easy to install, easy to maintain and always available: Zero-OS. This operating system is available to anyone that wants to build a part of this democratized internet at zero costs: it is open source.


They manage the Zero-OS Grid to deliver a self healing responsible internet.


Our own blockchain technology can be used to create any responsible digital currency (green, faster, cost effective, scalable). We use it to create consensus for our Zero-Robots.