You are unique

During a gathering with some friends, I noticed something that made me think about how important it is what we’re doing at ThreeFold.

One of my friends was complaining about how he couldn’t log in to one of his social media platforms, because all of his passwords are different and he forgot which one he used for this particular platform. Another friend was saying how she tagged her sister on a funny meme, but her sister couldn’t find it on Facebook. Turns out she tagged her on Instagram. And then one of them said something that I keep hearing more and more from people, “Why do we have so many apps, I can’t find anything anymore!”

We exist so many times online, but why? There is only one me in the real world. Why should there not be only one me online? Why should I have 25 different profiles on 25 different platforms, with 25 different logins, when I am unique?

That is another dilemma that ThreeFold has a solution for, with its autonomous technology. 3Bot - a digital avatar like no other, that basically handles your entire online life. The focus lies on digital privacy, where only you can access your data, and no one else. The 3Bot has all the functionalities you need to interact and exchange information and value, there will be no need for that many applications on your device anymore. With 3Bot, everything changes.

The 3Bot is built on the ThreeFold Grid, and has the same values as ThreeFold. Freedom, Equality, and Sustainability. It is important that your data is safe, and what can be safer than you being the only one who not only has access to it, but also the only one who owns that data? Your online world should not be that different from your offline world. In your offline world, you are the center of your own life. That is what ThreeFold is doing with the 3Bot, putting you in the center of your online life, too.

One decentralized application, one digital wallet, one login and one you. Because you’re unique.

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Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash.