We are looking for a DevOps Lead with strong technical expertise and decent years of experience to join our organization. You will be responsible for facilitating the development process and operations across the ThreeFold Grid’s tech stack. Besides, you should own excellent leadership skills to mentor and guide the team members.

To be successful in this job role, you should be able to streamline all DevOps practices. You should be able to review technical operations and automate the process using the right tools and techniques. 

Your knowledge of the latest industry trends and being able to merge this knowledge with our philosophy will prove beneficial in designing efficient practices. Moreover, you should be able to demonstrate excellent research skills and outstanding problem-solving abilities. If you possess the required skills, knowledge, and experience, then do write to us. We would be happy to meet you. 


The ThreeFold Grid will eventually have millions of nodes and users, and we need to find the best ways to operate and interact with such a network of capacity. Your role will be to take ownership over the development of the low-level technology components of the Threefold Grid.

Our components are low-level and required high technical skills. Your main responsibilities would be around making sure that the code of the ThreeFold Grid is of the best quality and with the least amount of code possible, as we believe in the ’less is more mentality. It will be very important for you to support our QA engineers in the documentation and testing of the different technological components - Zero-OS, Smart Contract for IT, our unique Planetary Network, and our Vlang based SDK amongst others, and make sure that all of them are reliable and understandable for developers and organizations to use grid. 



  • Able to work and lead in an agile way on Github 
  • Find alignment with other development team leads and project owners.
  • Ensure a smooth development process.
  • Able to document, test, and ensure quality with the Quality Assurance Coordinator.
  • Good understanding of security and privacy requirements to assist Security Coordinator.
  • Able to gather feedback from the community and use data to improve code and products.
  • Always improve & maintain reliability, security, and efficiency of technology
  • Organize proper version control.
  • Work with architects to make sure their requirements got implemented.
  • Report to CTO of ThreeFold Tech.


  • Understand what it takes to develop a large scale high tech infrastructure product
  • Understand what it takes to keep such a codebase reliable, secure,…
  • Fluent in at least 2 development languages
  • Fluent with Linux
  • Fluent with GitHub, agile processes
  • Good knowledge about Docker / Kubernetes
  • Be very technical, you need to understand what your team needs and see if they sidetrack


  • Fluent in English
  • Good communicator
  • An experienced development manager (startup is best)
  • Understand and follow Pareto 20/80 rule
  • Be a good teacher
  • Understand what it means to be a team lead
  • Be at least level ‘wolf’ in the skill levels we use

What we offer

  • Flexible hours working remotely for our company based in Dubai
  • A competitive wage
  • Great team spirit
  • Yearly team trips abroad