We are looking for a proficient and experienced Software Architect to join our IT and Development team.

As a Master Technical Architect, you should be an expert in software coding tools, and platforms to create high-level designs. You should also interact with end-users and other stakeholders as well as system developers to design initial system models. 

This role also demands a constant evaluation of coding processes to enhance clarity and performance. You will be responsible for thorough technical support of the system according to business requirements. You should possess a fair understanding of the domain, workable technologies, and predictable software development methodologies.

If you are ready to take up the role of Master Technical Architect and its responsibilities, then apply right away. We will love to meet you.

Values & Passion

  • Understand what it means to work in a growing agile project and ecosystem.
  • Resonate with our values & collaboration manifesto (2017).
  • Be passionate and willing to bring a positive change to our world.
  • Understand it won’t be a 9-5 job. We are changing the world, it takes courage and perseverance.
  • Be willing to travel and to other locations to work directly with our global team.


We believe that sovereign digital identity is the future of IT. Learn more about it on the Internet 4 (web4) comparison. Having a ‘Digital Self’ can set us free, create our digital future without boundaries where we own 100% of our data and digital processes.

We are looking for a Master Technical Architect who can help us design the future of the ‘Digital Self’ and make sure that our distributed network of contributors is following a well-defined path. As a Master Technical Architect, you will work closely with Kristof de Spiegeleer, the main founder and tech lead of ThreeFold. Traveling will be required, especially in the first year.

  • Design & document the future of our digital life.
  • Work on prototypes to prove it works, mainly vlang.
  • We believe in specs through code, will be using vlang for that.
  • Provide training & technical tips to the development community.
  • Work with our engineering community to make sure we all understand the future.
  • Check on code written by our engineers, check on the quality.
  • Train new Architects and/or Developers.
  • Improve our Manuals and Knowledge Base.



  • Able to question the status quo
  • Driven by love rather than by fear
  • Understand the world need a new operating system
  • Be quality driven
  • Help other developers to improve their skills
  • Be smart & agile
  • Fast learner


  • Able to think conceptual about data models, IT architecture, business requirements
  • Fluent in at least 2 development languages
  • Fluent with GitHub, agile processes
  • Can work with docker or alike


  • Fluent in English
  • Good communicator
  • Understand and follow Pareto 20/80 rule
  • A good teacher
  • Be at least level ‘wolf’ in the skill levels we use

What we offer

  • A desk in our Belgian office
  • A competitive wage
  • Flexible hours
  • Great team spirit
  • Yearly team trips abroad