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Threefold Conversations

ThreeFold Conversations

Join live ThreeFold sessions to discuss ongoing contributions to the People’s Internet horizon.
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WednesdayJanuary 5TH6pm CET / 12pm EST

Episode 1: From Zero to One

Host: Richard, Kristof, Weynand, Adnan, Andreas …


Meet some Co-Founders and other members of the ecosystem who will share about ThreeFold’s journey from inception to-date. Once framed as the best kept secret in the world, ThreeFold is about to shake the world with its next-generation Internet technology. An inspiring collective story.

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WednesdayJanuary 12THNot confirmed yet..

Episode 2: Powering the next Digital Era

Host: Richard, Adnan, Weynand


ThreeFold Co-Founder and Ecosystem Lead Adnan Fatayerji joins Co-Founder and Tech Lead Weynand Kuijpers to walk us through the design of the ThreeFold Grid and why it is the missing layer for blockchains, metaverses, web 3.0, IoT and more. Special emphasis on what’s possible ThreeFold Grid 3.0 and the key benefits of using the ThreeFold Grid.

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WednesdayJanuary 19THNot confirmed yet..

Episode 3: Tokenomics Overview

Host: Richard, Kristof, Adnan, …


Kristof de Spiegeleer, Co-Founder and Lead Architect deep dives into the tokenomics of TFT and how it will decentralize the Internet just like BTC decentralized the banking system. Discover the token that empowers humanity to join the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, the Internet and cloud.

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WednesdayJanuary 26THNot confirmed yet..

Episode 4: Farming: The new way to provide Internet

Host: Richard, Andreas, Michael, Scott


In this talk, discover the ins and outs of Farming with Grid Lead Andreas Hartl, Green Edge Cloud, and DIY Farmer Scott Yeager. We’ll take a close look at how ThreeFold is best positioned to provide far edge internet capacity to host emerging data demands.

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WednesdayFebruary 2NDNot confirmed yet..

Episode 5: A regenerative and inclusive Internet

Host: Richard, Sacha, Koen, Jennifer


Meet Marketing Lead Sacha Obeegadoo and Take Action Global (TAG) Founders Koen Timmers and Jennifer Williams share about how ThreeFold and TAG will bring internet access, climate education and earth regeneration across the global south.

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WednesdayFebruary 9THNot confirmed yet..

Episode 6: Meet Quantum Safe Filesystem

Host: Richard, Weynand, …


The name says it all, Quantum Safe Filesystem is bringing the unimaginable to reality. Deep dive in how ThreeFold flagship storage solution will revolutionize the Internet storage industry by protecting user data from the most powerful computers in the world.

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These discussions are meant to create the space for our community to dive deeper into the ongoing developments of the People’s Internet. Got a topic idea? Let’s work together to build it out!

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Watch the highlights of our past conversations on YouTube. To get the full experience, you’ll need to join us live!

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