Be the Internet

By connecting a modern computer at your home or office to the ThreeFold Grid, you can provide Internet capacity to communities and builders, and be rewarded for doing this. Support a decentralized future. Take part in shaping a new Internet era governed by all of us.


A new way of growing the Internet

3Nodes provide Internet capacity for millions of people using ThreeFold’s Planetary Network, and you earn TFT for doing so. And because of a unique operating system, called Zero-OS, once turned on your 3Node runs by itself.

See how things are changing in our next phase.


Host a Node

All you need to get started is a modern computer, electricity and network. Once booted with the operating system, it becomes a Threefold Node.


Get Verified

The capacity of the node gets verified and registered in the ThreeFold Blockchain, securing access to a decentralized internet for users and communities.


Earn Monthly

After your node is set up and verified, you’ll be rewarded for the compute, storage and bandwidth you provide to the ThreeFold Grid.

Join a World of Farmers

We are growing fast