Be the Internet

This is the era of decentralization. Plug in a server (3Node) from your home or office and start generating passive revenue by selling peer-to-peer storage and compute capacity.

Join the Peer-to-Peer Internet

With significant storage and compute capacity already available around the globe, the most advanced peer-to-peer network continues to expand.

Truly Better for Our Planet

ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer nature brings considerable energy efficiencies as compared to current solutions.

The remaining carbon footprint of the grid will be converted into carbon credits and invested in planet positive projects to enable the world’s first carbon neutral grid.

Decentralization is taking over

Emerging technologies demand edge solutions to scale. ThreeFold created secure and scaleable technology at the edge that allows anyone to connect capacity, anywhere.

Exponential Growth Across the Industry

The status quo is failing

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Not Decentralized

More than 80% of today’s Internet capacity is centralized and controlled by just a handful of companies.

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Not Scalable

The current model is shaped around building more hyper-scale data centers that are highly inefficient and costly.

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Not Secure

The current system's complexity and band-aid approach leaves it very vulnerable for hackers and data breaches.

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Not Sustainable

The Internet consumes between 10%-20% of global energy supplies today.

Introducing the 3Node

Data is now considered the most valuable commodity on earth, outshining oil and gold. ThreeFold provides a new paradigm that allows anyone, like you, to participate in the Internet economy.

A New Paradigm

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Decentralize the Internet

Join a participatory economy that brings a more performant, secure, and sustainable Internet.

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Connect the World

Bring capacity to new locations and enable a more accessible and affordable Internet that will connect the unconnected.

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Make Data Safe

ThreeFold's technology allows real security. End-to-end encryption. Zero middlemen. Zero backdoors. A new age of security has arrived. 

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Earn Passive Income

Take part in the most valuable and rapidly growing economy in the world, the Internet and cloud.

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