Plug & Earn

Plug & Earn nodes don't require any technical knowledge to set up. All you need is an electricity outlet, Internet connection, and a 3Node to start earning.
Meet the Titan V2

Meet the Titan V2

Simple and Secure

No technical knowledge required. Comes pre-installed with Zero OS which automatically registers your node's capacity on the ThreeFold Grid.

Performance meets Price

The team worked hard to design a powerful node while ensuring an affordable entry point. The specs include A 8 Core/16 Thread CPU, 32 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD, and 1 TB HDD.

Fits in Any Home or Office

The Titan V2 is no larger than a shoebox, making it a perfect fit for all locations. Its dimensions are 155 MM wide, 155 MM high and 80 MM deep (6 x 6 x 3 inches).

Build the Internet of tomorrow

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Simply Plug & Farm

All you need to get started is electricity, a network connection, and a 3Node.

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Offer Capacity

By connecting your 3Node, you provide peer-to-peer storage and compute capacity to host humanity's edge workloads.

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Decentralize the Internet

Join a participatory economy that brings a more performant, secure and sustainable Internet owned by everyone.

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Connect the World

Bring capacity to new locations and enable a more accessible and affordable solution to connect the unconnected.

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Make Data Safe

ThreeFold's technology allows real security. End-to-end encryption. Zero middlemen. Zero backdoors. A new age of security has arrived. 

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Earn Passive Income

Take part in the most valuable and rapidly growing economy in the world, the Internet and cloud.

Pre-Order Your 3Node!

Limited 3Nodes are open to reservation. Begin your Internet journey.