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We build a new internet together

Large corporations control today’s Internet. This centralized approach is highly inefficient, extremely costly, and unsustainable. We don’t own our data, and it isn’t safe. With your help, ThreeFold is going to give the world a new, better Internet.

the problems of the current internet

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Not Decentralized

More than 80% of today’s Internet infrastructure and 60% of its network is controlled by just a handful of companies.

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Not Scalable

The current model is shaped around building more hyper-scale data centers that are inefficient and costly.

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Not Secure

The current system’s pain-killer approach and complexity leaves it very vulnerable for hackers and data breaches.

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Not Sustainable

The Internet consumes between 10%-20% of global energy supplies today, and this is increasing rapidly.

Together we co-create the new Internet

The ThreeFold Grid is formed by a global network of independent farmers - people and organizations who expand internet capacity to where it is needed the most.

Together we co-create the new Internet

The technology that powers the Grid

Stateless Operating System

Zero OS was built without a shell, local or remote, making it impossible to access user data on a hardware level. With its lightweight design, it can host microservices architectures and web3 workloads with optimum performance and efficiency.

Smart Contract for IT

Smart Contract for IT enables any expert to automate the deployment and operation of IT workloads. Users can then use these smart contracts to provision the compute, storage and network needed for their digital needs, without any intermediaries.

Peer-to-Peer Network

A private end-to-end encrypted network that comes with cryptographically-bound IPv6 addresses and a full separation between the IT workloads and the service exposure. A web gateway blocks TCP/UDP connections from the outside.

Join the ThreeFold Grid

The foundation for a better Internet, built by people who care and for everyone.