Virtual Spaces

ThreeFold Foundation expects that with global conditions, online collaboration in virtual spaces will continue to increase in popularity, and tools to create interesting virtual spaces will help to inspire us to enjoy virtual meetup experiences, to collaborate, and to co-create.

Open Source Solution: Mozilla Hubs

  • Mozilla Hubs is a virtual collaboration platform that runs in your browser.
  • With Hubs, you can create your own 3D spaces with a single click.
  • Invite others to join using a URL.
  • No installation or app store required.
  • Hubs is for anyone who wants to connect with others remotely.
  • It's a great way to bring communities together in a shared virtual space.

A few use cases for Hubs

Host a conference, teach a class, showcase art, or just hang out with friends. Hubs makes it easy to connect and share images, videos, 3D models, and more. With Hubs' spatialized audio you can have conversations with everyone together or break out into smaller groups — just like you can in person.

Hubs works across platforms. Got a VR headset? Awesome! If not, you can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices to explore in 2D.

Hubs is open source and customizable. Upload personalized avatars or create unique environments using Spoke.

For documentation please go here.

Hubs on the ThreeFold Grid

Hubs cloud is available on hosters that present a centralized cloud platform solution, but you can also invest the effort to understand how to deploy a private instance of the software and experience it that way.

The TF Grid offers a solution where you can rent capacity anywhere on the TF Grid (please find the explorer here and deploy the hubs software similar to what the experience on a cloud would be. Or you can take it one step further and create your own TF Grid capacity, earn digital currency by doing so, and have your own hosted infrastructure for your digital hubs where you feel comfortable having it.

More details coming soon!

How to Deploy

Please visit the Marketplace Wiki to find instructions, if available. Note: Not all apps are yet live.

If you need any support, please join our Testing Community or visit our forum!