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The release introduces some improvements to the grid’s stability, new features, and testnet resource additions. You can read more within!

As mentioned as a preview in our October update, 3Bot Connect is now more accurately named ThreeFold Connect across devices.

Momentum is an online event of 49 hours with more than 2,000 participants and 105 teams working on 21 complex 21st-century problems.

Congratulations to ThreeFold Tech, which was recognized as one of 10 finalists by Deloitte Belgium in its Rising Star competition! More within.

For those who missed the Ask Me Anything on Tuesday evening, you can find the call recording within!

Some quick product management highlights for you, within, & a major thank you to everyone working so hard on these products and solutions every day!

For those who missed yesterday's community call (~30 minutes) or would like to rewatch, you can find the recording within!

It’s the end of October and a lot has gone on this month – an upgrade to testnet, progress on ThreeFold Now, some notable new team members, and more! Find the link to the full update within!

Mark your calendars! Next Monday November 2nd at 5pm CET we will host a 30-minute community call to update you on exciting progress and to show you what we’ll be working towards in the coming months.

ThreeFold Now Marketplace is a peer-to-peer alternative to centralized cloud providers, enabling you to deploy independently and keep ownership of your own data. 🙌 Read more within.