ThreeFold created a decentralized business model for the sales of capacity. While Farmers can increase their yields by selling their capacity themselves, the cultivation model (or proof-of-utilization) allows for sales channels to promote and sell ThreeFold Grid capacity to the world.

  • A farmer that does not sell their capacity (3.0 model) would get 10% of cultivation rewards.
  • A farmer that does sell capacity would get 50% of the cultivation rewards (10% + 40% from the sales channels rewards)

For example, a company could reach out to multiple farmers to do active sales for them and in return, they would get 40% of all cultivated tokens. This is ideal for the more "passive" farmers that only want to farm without having to actively sell their capacity.

This provides farmers with a hybrid model where they can choose to sell their capacity or outsource this to professionals. If selling their capacity, Farmers would improve their cultivation returns by 5X (from 10% to 50%) on utilization.

To see what this would mean please set Cell C-20 at 10% or 50% on the ThreeFold Farming Reward Calculator.

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