Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides their clients in the CEEMA region the option to connect their computing and storage capacity to ThreeFold’s decentralized grid.

Most HPE server and storage hardware have been certified to be used on the ThreeFold Grid and HPE plans to build services to support the growth and usage of the ThreeFold Grid.

Solidaridad accelerates solutions for more sustainable and more inclusive supply chains. First and foremost, they work with farmers, producers and miners to make their production more sustainable, inclusive and profitable. To support this, they work with the companies, financial institutions, governments, service providers, and knowledge institutes around them to provide the best possible environment to make sustainability the preferred option for everyone.

Becoming part of the Mission

The ThreeFold Technology eco-system changes the way in which internet compute and storage capacity can be delivered. It allows many more of us to be part of a new distributed internet infrastructure system.

Below you find different ways in which you can become a ThreeFold partner.

Farming Cooperatives

Organisations supporting farmers with all farming related things like ready to farm hardware

Corporate Farmers

Existing and newly formed farming companies supporting the ThreeFold Foundation’s mission

Individual Farmers

The TF Farmers are the first individual TF Farmers putting capacity on the Grid.

Each of them believes in the TF mission, and they want to help to make this dream a reality.

Hardware Partners

Companies helping the growth of the ThreeFold Movement

Software Partners

Software development companies helping to create and extend the ThreeFold ecosystem

TFT Listings

Cryptocurrency exchanges listing the ThreeFold Token (TFT)