DigiByte's vision is to empower a sustainable decentralized world. The core values of the DigiByte community are decentralization, inclusiveness, permissionless, integrity, transparency - openness, consensus, thought leadership. We aim to stimulate global adoption of our blockchain and similar technologies that fulfil the core principles of decentralization in general. Decentralization needs to happen to see a better redistribution of opportunities, growth and value within our global society.


DigiByte is more than a faster digital currency; it is an innovative blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications and secure authentication.


Thousands of volunteers from all over the world have contributed to DigiByte in countless ways for years to make it what it is today. DigiByte is a collective movement to protect and promote the true principles of decentralization and empower communities to establish and maintain a sustainable decentralized world. The DigiByte Foundation aims to initiate and promote projects and community initiatives, but also promote the DigiByte ecosystem and further development by supporting creators, developers and marketers, with a focus on outreach, awareness, education, adoption.

Powered by ThreeFold

The DigiByte network runs on a mix of servers managed by DigiByte volunteers and virtual machines or containers in commercial cloud provider environments. This is decentralized to a degree but can be more decentralized if the DigiByte blockchain nodes can run on ThreeFold Grid nodes truly decentralized, energy-efficient and everywhere.

What's the Latest? (April 2021)

Plans for a new company combining ThreeFold and DigiByte technology are being executed. This company will promote and sell a combination of DigiByte and ThreeFold technologies to Enterprises. First target market is going to be Europe with a view to make this company service a global customer base. The company is meant to start operating from May 2021 onwards.

The launch product set has been defined and will incorporate the following services:

  • Enterprise secure video conferencing. Based on an integrated product using ThreeFold peer-to-peer video conferencing and remote web browsing technology plus the DigiByre access (Digi-ID) and blockchain technology. This secure video conferencing service will be available for group usage in Enterprise setting but will also come as a more secure option where the service is limited to 2 parties communicating peer-to-peer with no third party involvement.
  • Enterprise secure storage and archiving services. ThreeFold Quantum Safe Storage technology will be deployed and optimized for Enterprise use cases starting with simple straightforward backup backends and secure archiving. Integration with the DigiByte blockchain to create auditability and logging facilities services Enterprise storage needs.
  • Bespoke blockchain solutions for enterprises. Specific blockchain and infrastructure solutions can be built in an OEM structure to create blockchain as a service, cloud services and storage services.

Join saving our planet!

ThreeFold's technology helps the DigiByte software to use less underlying capacity for processing and that networking enhances time to reach consensus. DigiBytes blockchain technology and multiple consensus mechanism together are a fantastic and sustainable platform to build (bespoke) Enterprise storage and blockchain technologies on.