WaykiChain is a prominent blockchain platform based in China with a global community.

It is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) public blockchain that is highly scalable and with high-performance transaction processing capabilities (TPS 3300) and an efficient consensus mechanism.

WaykiChain has a variety of product lines, with the WaykiChain core wallet, the WaykiTimes and their DeFi-vertical technologies that are built within the core layer of blockchain, i.e. the crypto-asset backed stablecoin technology as well as its built-in decentralized exchange.

Waykichain’s blockchain enables developers to build performing dApps on top of it using its developer tools, and has throughout these 3 years, built an extended ecosystem of Dapps.

WaykiChain and ThreeFold

ThreeFold and WaykiChain found clear alignment on decentralizing the Internet for people and businesses and share the same core values that encompass their respective visions.

By using The ThreeFold P2P cloud and the 3Bot, The WaykiChain community of developers, non-developers, and node operators are enabled to deploy and maintain their WaykiChain nodes and any of their IT workloads in just a few clicks directly from the browser or from a local machine.

ThreeFold's compute, storage, and networking capacities empower them to decentralize their cloud-computing infrastructures, with far more affordability and distribution compared to centralized cloud-providers, and with native cloud automation via ThreeFold’s Smart contract for IT.