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Sam Taggart

Let's co-create a better future for humanity and for our planet.

    Samar Adel

    I believe in a world where everyone can be happy.

      Scott Yeager

      Technology nerd and cross discipline creator.

        Ahmed Thabet

        Wants to build beautiful applications that don't invade user privacy.

          Ashraf Fouda

          Software Engineer with passion in new technologies, love every thing that is really new.

            Atef Nazmy

            I Believe that ThreeFold Foundation Drives the world to be Better and Greener.

              Benjelloun Oussama

              Blockchain Ecosystem development Lead

                Dylan Verstraete

                Coffee drinking cat lover that commits code to multiple projects within the Threefold Ecosystem.

                  Ehab Hassan

                  Positive person in every every aspect of life.

                    Florian Fournier

                    The vision is always the same - to enact individual actions that address global challenges.

                      Geert Machtelinckx

                      Geert has 24 years of experience in IT of a Belgian financial institution, and is passionate about new technologies such as AI and blockchain.

                        Gloria Anne

                        The relentlessly helpful office administrator in Mazraa.

                          Hannah Cordes

                            Ivan Coene

                            Front-end developer at Jimber.

                              Jennifer Long

                              Beautiful women, the mother of men, our mission here is to protect the land, nurture the earth.

                                Jeroen Douglas

                                My dream is to support practices that create well-being with the poorest farmers and workers on our globe.

                                  Joe Roets

                                  Joe Roets is the Architect, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Dragonchain.

                                    Jonas Delrue

                                    Jonas is technical lead and founder within Jimber.

                                      Ken De Moor

                                      Quality Assurance Engineer working for Jimber and helping test and organize threefold projects.

                                        Koen Timmers

                                        Belgian researcher, lecturer, and author.

                                          Mahmoud Ayoub

                                          Passionate Computer Scientist.

                                            Mamadou Kwidjim Toure

                                            Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Group focused on Advisory and Investment activities across industries.

                                              Mariza Wellesley-Wesley

                                              I always strived to combine my professional work with a tangible, positive societal impact.

                                                Maximilian Rang

                                                Audiovisual Creative, Yogi, Kabbalist and Strategic Thinker.

                                                  Michael Wellesley-Wesley

                                                  Michael is a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience working in both the US and UK.