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Rafy Benjamin

Rafy is an Electrical Engineer with great passion in Computer Science.

    Ramez Saeed

    Ramez has about 10 years of experience in CloudComputing software.

      Rana Hassan

      Rana is an enthusiastic Computer Engineer with a passion in learning and development.

        Samar Adel

        I believe in a world where everyone can be happy.

          Samir Hosny

          Samir is a person who has a passion for learning new technologies all the time.

            Souvik Ghosh

            I am passionate about technology and along with my day-job, I am also working as a freelance ML specialist.

              Tobias Chielens

              Creating an internet that is accessible for everyone.

                Waleed Hammam

                Waleed is a Software Engineer with great passion in Computer Science and new technologies.

                  Anurag Arjun

                  I have 11+ years of experience in building technology products.

                    Chris Hurd

                    Compared to many, I have been lucky in life, but remain keen not to let it rest there and to continue developing and helping others to do so.

                      Christine Renee Perry

                      VP of Global solutions engineering.

                        Christophe de Carvalho Pereira Martins

                        Passionate developer who likes to travel the world.

                          Dave De Belder

                          Michelin star chef, conscious about food and how it ties in with spirituality and healing.

                            Denis Suslov

                            Ecosystem Growth at NEO blockchain

                              Dimitrios Dermentzioglou

                              Founder of The Music Medicine, a project committed to cultivating Global Joy & Harmony.

                                Felix Mago

                                Dash NEXT Co-Founder. Business focused expert in Blockchain, DeFi, decentralization and cryptocurrency payments

                                  Geert Stox

                                  Value-oriented, ideas-driven, evidence-based, striving to bring reason back in symbiosis with emotion.

                                    George El Aily

                                    CEO of Kleos - most eco-friendly telecom mediator.

                                      Guy D'Hauwers

                                      Well networked international go-to-market accelerator in the high tech cloud and commuo market.

                                        Hans Koning

                                        I love to “simply” engage with entrepreneurs, startups, blockchain and crypto companies.

                                          Hans Merki

                                          Born in Switzerland, studies in electricity & industrial electronics (analog world!). Worked/lived in Australia, USA, Germany,Switzerland. Fourty years of my life worked for USA companies.

                                            Isabelle Peeters

                                            Isabelle is a fun-loving person, besides being an evangelist of the ThreeFold Movement.

                                              Jennifer Long

                                              Beautiful women, the mother of men, our mission here is to protect the land, nurture the earth.

                                                Jeroen Douglas

                                                My dream is to support practices that create well-being with the poorest farmers and workers on our globe.

                                                  Jeroen Burks

                                                  Turning technology into business, love sailing, hate mediocracy.