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Samir Hosny

My biggest passion is learning about new technologies.

    Souvik Ghosh

    I am passionate about technology and along with my day-job, I am also working as a freelance ML specialist.

      Waleed Hammam

      Waleed is a Software Engineer with great passion for Computer Science and new technologies.

        Winston Wenyan Ma

        Winston Ma, CFA & Esq. an investor, attorney, author, and adjunct professor in the global digital economy.

          Yanling Duan

          Yanling Duan is recognized as one of the most impactful innovation evangelists and design media personalities in China.

            Thibault Verbiest

            Senior Legal Expert with a profound insight into internet, blockchain, fintech, cryptofinance and more.

              Tobias Chielens

              Co-Creating an internet that is accessible for everyone.

                Ahmed Hanafy

                Ahmed is an Automation Software Testing Engineer, started his career at Codescalers.

                  Alan Laubsch

                  Believes in a healthy living, individually and collectively.

                    Ali Mohsen

                    Fortunated to have worked in different disciplines for the past 20 years and in complex environments..

                      Chris Hurd

                      Compared to many, I have been lucky in life, but remain keen not to let it rest there and to continue developing and helping others to do so.

                        Dave De Belder

                        Michelin star chef, conscious about food and how it ties in with spirituality and healing.

                          Dimitrios Dermentzioglou

                          Founder of The Music Medicine, a project committed to cultivating Global Joy and Harmony.

                            Dr. Albert Carlson

                            Dr. Carlson has worked more than 25 years as an engineer working on such projects as cellular phones, chip design, network design, embedded systems, and cyber security.

                              Dylan Verstraete

                              Coffee drinking cat lover that commits code to multiple projects within the Threefold Ecosystem.

                                Felix Mago

                                Dash NEXT Co-Founder. Business focused expert in Blockchain, DeFi, decentralization and cryptocurrency payments

                                  Geert Stox

                                  Value-oriented, ideas-driven, evidence-based, striving to bring reason back in symbiosis with emotion.

                                    George El Aily

                                    CEO of Kleos - most eco-friendly telecom mediator.

                                      Hans Koning

                                      I love to “simply” engage with entrepreneurs, startups, blockchain and crypto companies.

                                        Hans Merki

                                        Facilitating and driving digitalization processes. Project management / coaching.

                                          Isabelle Peeters

                                          Isabelle is a fun-loving person, besides being an evangelist of the ThreeFold Movement.

                                            Jeroen Burks

                                            Turning technology into business, love sailing, hate mediocracy.

                                              Jeroen Douglas

                                              My dream is to support practices that create well-being with the poorest farmers and workers on our globe.

                                                Joe Roets

                                                Joe Roets is the Architect, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Dragonchain.

                                                  Jonas De Zitter

                                                  I'm a passionated electronics engineer, interested in all kinds of exciting technology like blockchain, green energy, power electronics, and of course Threefold.