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Josef Ehrenhoefer

After more than 40 years in corporate IT business I'm enjoying now the freedom to run my own consulting business and to help start-ups in different areas of digital innovation.

    Kevin Louis Obeegadoo

    Kevin enjoys 20+ years’ consulting across private and government sectors.

      Kyn Chaturvedi

      VP of Global solutions engineering, my goal is to increase blockchain usability.

        Li Jiang

        Li has backed over a dozen tech entrepreneurs working on workforce productivity, resource management, life extension, and blockchain.

          Lieve Vereycken

          Passion for sustainable prosperity and well being for all.

            Markus Lehto

            Utopian | Co-Founder @ Joint Idea, Life Works Labs, Love Mafia, Urbanista Labs

              Medha Parlikar

              CTO & Co-Founder at CasperLabs. Charismatic, process-oriented leader with a track record of delivering business results.

                Michel Coucke

                Strategic Advisory Board Member and HR Guardian at ThreeFold

                  Neil Kapoor

                  Business professional with expertise in digital currency capital markets, fin-tech product development, and innovation conferences.

                    Nisha Grimes

                    Nisha Grimes is an explorer, creator and a capacity development professional.

                      Olivia Jurado

                      Olivia is a Co-Founder of the THREEFOLD LOVE initiative.

                        Otto Bauer

                        Nowadays I am proud to pass on some of my experience as lecturer at an educational college.

                          Peter Kraft

                          I am a “technology affine” person and always interested in new technologies and advances in IT technology, which I follow closely and try new solutions myself wherever possible.

                            Peter Richter

                            Making it even more important to contribute my bit to make this word non-discriminating and inclusive for all!

                              Phil Abraham

                              Phil is a true visionary working to create great products for big problems!

                                Raphael Tobias Zöscher

                                Viribus unitis - with united force we can making a change on worldwide internet.

                                  Mike Filipenko

                                  Have been working in the blockchain space for 4 years.

                                    Rishi Chidananda

                                    Monk, studying the philosophical traditions of India, gaining deep insights into its hidden meaning.

                                      Rudy Bouwman

                                      Starting as a computer engineer, Rudy developed his career in different management positions and for the last 20 years.

                                        Rutger Krijnen

                                        Rutger is a 20 years experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated successful history in the IT and Telecommunications industry.

                                          Sascha Jochum

                                          Entrepreneur, Investor, Blockchain Expert

                                            Sashi Edupuganti

                                              Sophie Monpeyssen

                                              Co-Founder & CEO - Le Ciel Foundation

                                                Trey Grainger

                                                CTO at Presearch

                                                  Trey Rutledge

                                                  Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Dragonchain, with a passion for bringing new value avenues to businesses.