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Josef Ehrenhoefer

After more than 40 years in corporate IT business I'm enjoying now the freedom to run my own consulting business and to help start-ups in different areas of digital innovation.

    Kevin Louis Obeegadoo

    Kevin enjoys 20+ years’ consulting across private and government sectors.

      Kyn Chaturvedi

      VP of Global solutions engineering, my goal is to increase blockchain usability.

        Li Jiang

        Li has backed over a dozen tech entrepreneurs working on workforce productivity, resource management, life extension, and blockchain.

          Lorrana Scarpioni

          “People may not have money but they always have time” says Lorrana.

            Lieve Vereycken

            Passion for sustainable prosperity and well being for all.

              Michael Healy

              Michael is focused on creating meaningful jobs and solving inequity.

                Michel Coucke

                Strategic Advisory Board Member and HR Guardian at ThreeFold

                  Mike Filipenko

                  Have been working in the blockchain space for 4 years.

                    Muhammed Azmy

                    Senior Software Engineer at ThreeFold Tech

                      Neil Kapoor

                      Business professional with expertise in digital currency capital markets, fin-tech product development, and innovation conferences.

                        Nisha Grimes

                        Nisha Grimes is an explorer, creator and a capacity development professional.

                          Olivia Jurado

                          Olivia is a Co-Founder of the THREEFOLD LOVE initiative.

                            Otto Bauer

                            Nowadays I am proud to pass on some of my experience as lecturer at an educational college.

                              Peter Richter

                              Making it even more important to contribute my bit to make this word non-discriminating and inclusive for all!

                                Peter Kraft

                                I am a “technology affine” person and always interested in new technologies and advances in IT technology, which I follow closely and try new solutions myself wherever possible.

                                  Peter Nashaat

                                  Passionate DevOps Engineer

                                    Phil Abraham

                                    Phil is a true visionary working to create great products for big problems!

                                      Raphael Tobias Zöscher

                                      Viribus unitis - with united force we can making a change on worldwide internet.

                                        Ramez Saeed

                                        Ramez has about 10 years of experience in CloudComputing software.

                                          Rishi Chidananda

                                          Monk, studying the philosophical traditions of India, gaining deep insights into its hidden meaning.

                                            Robert van der Zalm

                                            Globally experienced executive with a strong financial and M&A background.

                                              Rutger Krijnen

                                              Rutger is a 20 years experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated successful history in the IT and Telecommunications industry.

                                                Sascha Jochum

                                                Entrepreneur, Investor, Blockchain Expert

                                                  Sasha Astiadi

                                                  Product Manager with a passion in blockchain, sustainability, and decentralization