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32 People

Al Morgan

Seasoned tech marketer. Beginner’s mind coupled with life experience. Champion what matters.

    Andrew John Brauer

    Andy passion is about touching the Future today and never stop learning.

      Bruce Lites

      Bruce is an internationally recognized astrophysicist specializing in studies of the Sun and its magnetic fields.

        Chris Hurd

        Compared to many, I have been lucky in life, but remain keen not to let it rest there and to continue developing and helping others to do so.

          Dave De Belder

          Michelin star chef, conscious about food and how it ties in with spirituality and healing.

            Dimitrios Dermentzioglou

            Founder of The Music Medicine, a project committed to cultivating Global Joy and Harmony.

              Erik de Rijk

              Erik's passion is programming (Shell, php, C and C++).

                Geert Stox

                Value-oriented, ideas-driven, evidence-based, striving to bring reason back in symbiosis with emotion.

                  Gert De Spiegeleer

                  Gert is a true believer of life long learning.

                    Gerhard Wedenig

                    A healthy mix of work and play keeps me going. Love old cars and chocolate.

                      Guy D'Hauwers

                      Working at well networked international go-to-market accelerator in the high tech cloud market.

                        Isabelle Peeters

                        Isabelle is a fun-loving person, besides being an evangelist of the ThreeFold Movement.

                          Hans Merki

                          Facilitating and driving digitalization processes. Project management / coaching.

                            Jeroen Burks

                            Turning technology into business, love sailing, hate mediocracy.

                              Jennifer Long

                              Beautiful women, the mother of men, our mission here is to protect the land, nurture the earth.

                                Jonas De Zitter

                                I'm a passionated electronics engineer, interested in all kinds of exciting technology like blockchain, green energy, power electronics, and of course Threefold.

                                  Josef Ehrenhoefer

                                  After more than 40 years in corporate IT business I'm enjoying now the freedom to run my own consulting business and to help start-ups in different areas of digital innovation.

                                    Kevin Louis Obeegadoo

                                    Kevin enjoys 20+ years’ consulting across private and government sectors.

                                      Lieve Vereycken

                                      Passion for sustainable prosperity and well being for all.

                                        Mariza Wellesley-Wesley

                                        I always strived to combine my professional work with a tangible, positive societal impact.

                                          Michael Wellesley-Wesley

                                          Michael is a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience working in both the US and UK.

                                            Michel Coucke

                                            Strategic Advisory Board Member and HR Guardian at ThreeFold

                                              Olivia Jurado

                                              Olivia is a Co-Founder of the THREEFOLD LOVE initiative.

                                                Nisha Grimes

                                                Nisha Grimes is an explorer, creator and a capacity development professional.

                                                  Otto Bauer

                                                  Nowadays I am proud to pass on some of my experience as lecturer at an educational college.

                                                    Peter Richter

                                                    Making it even more important to contribute my bit to make this word non-discriminating and inclusive for all!

                                                      Peter Kraft

                                                      I am a “technology affine” person and always interested in new technologies and advances in IT technology, which I follow closely and try new solutions myself wherever possible.

                                                        Raphael Tobias Zöscher

                                                        Viribus unitis - with united force we can making a change on worldwide internet.

                                                          Rishi Chidananda

                                                          Monk, studying the philosophical traditions of India, gaining deep insights into its hidden meaning.

                                                            Sophie Monpeyssen

                                                            Co-Founder & CEO - Le Ciel Foundation

                                                              Wolfgang Peter Kalny

                                                              Technology is my passion, blockchain one of my favorite topics that has not yet reached its peak of appreciated value until now.

                                                                Valentin Korobko

                                                                I am convinced that the world needs a new democratized Internet. I believe in ThreeFold technology.