Early 2000's

Concept Inception

Long before the ThreeFold Movement saw first daylight Kristof was already making a lot of waves in the technologic landscape.
Founding and developing multiple startups leading to 7 succesful exits to companies by the likes of: Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Western Digital, Verizon and Hitachi Data Systems.

The years to follow would determine Kristof’s vision and course first leading to edge cloud and not much later to blockchain technologies all priming him to breathe live into the ThreeFold Foundation early 2017.


07 December

Jumpscale 8.0 Release

JumpScale is the cloud automation product used on the ThreeFold Grid and is a branch from what used to be Pylabs.

29 June

Rivine 1.0.0 Release

The very first release of Rivine.io what would later become the base for the ThreeFold Chain proof of stake blockchain.

07 December

Zero-OS 0.9 release

One of the key components on the ThreeFold Grid would be released just months before the first 0.9 release of the ThreeFold Whitepaper.


02 June

Whitepaper 0.9 Release

The first release of the ThreeFold Foundation concept on paper for the world to see.
This Whitepaper would become the groundwork to a lot of components today.

31 June

Farming Genesis Pool

Two farming cooperatives: BetterToken (EU) and Mazraa (UAE) would farm the very first ThreeFold Tokens a.k.a The Genesis Pool. Bettertoken operating from Europe and Mazraa from UAE put the first significant capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. Bettertoken added 2 petabyte To the grid in Lochristi, Belgium. Mazraa added 2 Petabyte in Dubai, United Arabian Emirates to the ThreeFold grid.

03 September

TF-App Release

ThreeFold puts a lot of emphasis on working together and streamlined communication. Our own app makes all this possible. This also held the v 0.9 version of our wallet.
And later would feature zero-node status tracking.

15 September

Distribution of Zero Nodes

We distributed the Zero Nodes amongst 200 of our first followers and tokenholders to host the TF Chain.


02 January

Whitepaper 1.0 Release

The first whitepaper that truly embodied the full scope of the ThreeFold project.

31 March

TF Chain 1.0.0

The first production ready release of the ThreeFold Chain.

12 April

TF Wallet 1.0.0

With the release of the Wallet 1.0.0 we integrated the ThreeFold App and TF-Chain to provide tokenholders with a UI to see, send and receive tokens in an easy manner.

15 May

TFT Listed on BTC Alpha

ThreeFold Token’s first listing on a public exchange: www.btc-alpha.com.
For trading your BTC to TFT.

18 July


Bancadati datacenter capacity installed good for 125 Nodes,

31 May

Atomic Swaps

For the more technical crowd Threefold Tokens are now cross chain swappable through a command line interface with coins like: Bitcoin, Decred, Vertcoin, Qtum, and others.
Read all about atomic swaps on our wikis.

02 August

Green Edge Cloud

The first batch of Green Edge Cloud capacity added to the grid in: Vienna & Capetown.
Combined good for: 6 servers housing 202 CPU’s and 820 Terrabyte storage.

01 September

TFT Listed on Bitmeex.pro

ThreeFold Token’s second listing on a public exchange: bitmeex.pro
For exchanging your BTC,ETH and others to TFT please visit www.bitmeex.pro

09 September

TF Directory Release

An index of all farms added to the grid, selectable based on: capacity, country and farm

ThreeFold Directory

02 October

New Capacity Batch

A batch of capacity added to the grid in: Rochester NY & Toronto.
Combined good for: 18 servers housing 357 CPU’s and 2900 Terrabyte storage.

06 October

MOU Hewlett Packard Enterprise

A Memorandum of Undstanding between ThreeFold and HPE was signed at Gitex 2018 in Dubai. HPE server and storage hardware has been certified to be used on ThreeFold’s Grid and HPE plans to build services to support the growth and usage of ThreeFold’s Grid which is in line with their edge cloud and blockchain strategy.

Press Release

23 October

MOU Solidaridad

ThreeFold and Solidaridad sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Solidaridad is a worldwide operating NGO helping farmers (actual farmers, not TF-farmers. The partnership focusses on streamlining technology within the Solidaridad organisation who on their turn help ThreeFolg grow the grid.

21 November

10 x the Capacity

To give a little insight to how far we’ve already come and how much people believe in Threefold.io.
Threefold by now has 10 x more capacity live on the grid than all other «decentralized internet + blockchain» startups.

12 December

Bancadati into Beta

Following the install in July, Bancadati is now in Beta as the largest archive on the European continent.


09 Februari

Deal Signed with NHB Digital

Together with Threefold NBH will create a fully decentralized bank.


New Capacity Batch

A batch capacity added to the grid in: Vienna.
Good for: 18 servers housing 576 CPU’s and 4608 Terrabyte storage.


3Bot 1.0.0 Release


Bancadati into Production

Following the Beta in December 2018, Bancadati is now in Production as one of the largest archive on the planet.


ERC-20 Bridge

A 1-to-1 bridge between the ThreeFold Chain and Ethereum Blockchain. This makes it possible to convert your TFTs to ERC20-Tokens and back.


Grid Beta

A group of handpicked developers and companies are let on to our beta grid to “play around” with it and provide us with feedback so we can prepare our Grid and equip it with what the market wants.


Grid 1.0 Services

Private Zero OS, S3 storage, Web- Gateway, ZeroDB, FreeFlow pages, 3Bot


Grid Capacity Utilization


Launch Of Certified Capacity On The Grid