It is difficult to keep systems safe, up and running, efficient (in both power usage and cost), and private. These dilemmas are caused by layers and layers of complexity, too much human involvement (mistakes or malicious intent), and the fact that IT capacity is simply not available where the users need it – on the edge.  

While blockchain technology tackled some of these issues, by itself it is not the remedy to all centralized IT problems. Indeed, Blockchain technology comes with solutions towards decentralization and security. However, big challenges remain to make it sustainable and private as well.

Inspired by nature, our decentralized autonomous IT system is self-driving and self-healing, and works like cells in our body. By connecting nodes to the grid, the required energy is delivered in the most efficient way – on the edge. Also, every individual or legal entity will have their own “digital selves,” which will allow them to connect in a truly decentralized and neutral digital world, in total privacy. Our technology allows any IT workload to run on a private or public grid of compute & storage capacity in a 100% autonomous way, and this up-to 10x faster, more cost-effective, and greener than any other provider out there.


Our technology is intelligent and self-healing. Human error has no influence on the operational availability


Our stateless OS has almost no hacking surface, which means hackers have no entry points. Human error and malicious activity have no impact on security.


Our technology enables decentralized IT and endless scalability because of our many-to-many approach. Can scale up to millions of nodes and can be distributed everywhere.


Our technology is very sustainable. For example, for storing data we are 50x more efficient compared to a standard blockchain and 10x compared to classic storage system. 


Any IT workload which runs on Linux today can run on our technology. Our technology can be used for any workload. No complex languages or protocols to learn.


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