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Distributed Responsible Internet Technology

A Distributed Responsible Internet creates freedom, equality and fairness. For this, we need technology that is available to everyone while respecting individual privacy, neutrality, data security and protects individual freedom and equality.

This technology has to be simple and self-sustaining. It needs to enable anyone to become a part of this responsible internet without being a technologist. It has to work everywhere, also in places where it is impossible to have people maintaining systems.

This technology has to be accessible. Many available technologies are available at price levels where only some of us can afford them. A true distributed responsible internet, for everyone, has to be without any financial requirements.

This technology has to incorporate an immutable record for everything. If it is for everyone to create and consume if it has to operate in a self-sustaining manner where it can do without human intervention we have to have an immutable record for financial and operational transaction logging.


This distributed, self-sustaining responsible internet requires three components linked together. Zero OS as the operating system, Zero Robot being the trained operator for operational and financial tasks, and Zero Chain the immutable record of financial and operational transactions.


Zero OS
Zero OS

A lightweight operating system that runs on a wide variety of hardware components. It is open source, build on proven technology and requires very little knowledge and understanding to install and operate. It cannot be tampered and interacted with as it only accepts instructions from the Zero Robot.

Zero Robot
Zero Robot

A general purpose bot that can be 'trained' to perform millions of different tasks. Like human beings that can develop themselves into artists, scientists or doctors by the Zero Robot 'lives' on the Zero OS operating system and can be trained to perform tasks on Zero OS, system administration tasks, data processing tasks, data storage tasks, etc. The Zero Robot accepts tasks that are agreed and stored on the Zero Chain.

Zero Chain
Zero Chain

A proof of (block) stake blockchain that is very efficient and tailored for different tasks. It provides a generic framework to achieve more functionality than for example single purpose financial blockchains and is a lot simpler and thus scalable than general purpose (smart contract) blockchains. It runs as many single-purpose instances and provides all transaction means to operate a distributed responsible internet on Zero OS.


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