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Adnan Fatayerji

Honored to be part of a team that has the potential to make the world a better place..

    Christopher Hutton

    A serial entrepreneur and technology fanatic.

      Ewald Weizenbauer

      Ewald is an internet and mobile technology expert who worked at Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics/SGI, and co-founded Austria's first Internet service provider, EU-Net.

        Jan De Landtsheer

        Techie at heart, having lived professionally in the tech basements of the Internet.

          Kristof de Spiegeleer

          Nerd engineer, humanist & motivated entrepreneur.

            Owen Kemp

            I am an optimist and love doing things differently than the norm.

              Peter van der Henst

              Peter is HR-manager and Financial Advisor For TF Tech

                Rajinder Singh Grewal

                Accomplished professional with progressive experience directing all facets of business administration, financial services, and operations management.

                  Rob Van Mieghem

                  Technology today does not sufficiently support my personal believes of how a better world might look like.

                    Sacha Obeegadoo

                    Organisational and Ecosystem Strategy

                      Weynand Kuijpers

                      An international entrepreneur and part of a diverse team of innovators.

                        Ahmed Thabet

                        Wants to build beautiful applications that don't invade user privacy.

                          Alexandre Hannelas

                          Alexandre has worked with regenerative companies to help them in their funding rounds.

                            Florian Fournier

                            The vision is always the same - to enact individual actions that address global challenges.

                              Geert Machtelinckx

                              Geert has 24 years of experience in IT of a Belgian financial institution, and is passionate about new technologies such as AI and blockchain.

                                Karoline Zizka

                                Currently serving by coordinating with people on particular projects, always having the most productive and playful outcomes for the Highest Good of all in mind and heart.

                                  Lee Smet

                                  In order to have a nice planet to live on for the next decades, we need to preserve what we have now.

                                    Maxime Daniel

                                    C, python and nodejs developer, Gentoo user, Linux and Music addict

                                      Nickolay Babenko

                                      Engineer crypto-entrepreneur avant la lettre

                                        Pierre van Hoorebeke

                                        Experienced business lawyer, assisting founders, investors and private companies on corporate, commercial and IP matters.

                                          Reem Khamis

                                          Reem believes in books, and that technology is the key to making the world a bit better place.

                                            Sabrina Sadik

                                            Sabrina is a jack of all trades when it comes to ThreeFold.

                                              Sam Taggart

                                              Let's co-create a better future for humanity and for our planet.

                                                Samar Adel

                                                I believe in a world where everyone can be happy.

                                                  Scott Yeager

                                                  Technology nerd and cross discipline creator.