ThreeFold Token

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ThreeFold Token — a decentralized digital currency backed by the fastest growing commodity in the world — The Internet

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ThreeFold Token Benefits


100% of ThreeFold Tokens are asset backed by the fastest growing commodity in the world, the internet. Tokens are only generated when servers are connected to the internet. Each token is at least 6 times undervalued compared to the commercial value of the newly connected capacity.

Reliable & Secure
Reliable & Secure

The ThreeFold blockchain does not suffer from the “Blockchain Dilemma Problem”. Our blockchain is fast, scalable and secure - all at the same time. This has not been possible with other blockchain technologies before. This represents a major breakthrough.

Good For The Planet
Good For The Planet

The ThreeFold Token is a result of creating useful internet capacity. We call this Farming. Our blockchain is 100% energy neutral. Internet capacity produced using our technology uses up to 10 times less energy and removes the need for centralized power-hungry datacenters.

Where to buy threefold tokens

Buy tokens with USD, EUR, BTC and ETH


Buy tokens with USD


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Buy tokens with BTC and ETH

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Use ThreeFold Tokens in your project or business

“A fast, scalable, secure and decentralized digital currency, backed by internet capacity”

Fast & Scalable
Fast & Scalable

High transaction volumes including the capacity to support micro-transactions without compromising speed and performance

Low Fees & Liquid
Low Fees & Liquid

Low network fees and high liquidity ability to help your initiative thrive, min fee 0.01 USD (1 cent)

Secure & Valuable
Secure & Valuable

Dedicated decentralized nodes power the ThreeFold Token and it is backed by internet capacity.

ThreeFold Tokens for your business

The ThreeFold Token is an exceptionally flexible and secure currency which can help you to create new ways of doing business. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

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Our City App

Tokenising the Local Economy

Our City App, now in use by over half a million users across the Benelux region, is one of the most successful community building apps in Europe. The app allows users and merchants to promote their local economy and to pay for services with incredible convenience and speed.

Tokenise your applications

Our platform and token technology allow exceptionally rapid creation of new tokens, or you can easily integrate the ThreeFold Token itself into your applications or services. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

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